Motiva® Safety Through Innovation

With over 3 million implants sold, spanning more than 12 years, in 85 countries worldwide,
Motiva Implants® have consistently reported superior safety outcomes. This includes rates of less than 1% of device-related complications that lead to reoperation, such as capsular contracture and implant rupture.

The low rates of capsular contracture with Motiva Implants® are consistent across all surgical planes: submuscular, subglandular, or subfascial. The worldwide rate of reoperation due to rupture with Motiva Implants® is lower than 0.1%.

Preliminary clinical results from the Motiva® IDE study in the United States, which is still in its follow-up phase, are encouraging and with a high rate of patient follow-up. The 3-year Kaplan- Meier risk rate of occurrence for capsular contracture and implant rupture are lower than 1%.

The strong safety and performance of Motiva Implants® are confirmed by international registry data and independent peer-reviewed publications from around the world.



Post-Market Surveillance

3,000,000-plus:implants sold globally since commercial launch in 2010

85-plus countries:where Motiva® Implants have been approved

85-plus publications:Evidence-based research supporting the science, engineering, and clinical outcomes with Motiva Implants®

Less than 1%:consistently low device-related complications



Motiva® 6TH Generation Breast Implants


  • Minimize inflammation and improve interaction with your body's tissues (biocompatibility)
  • Enable easier implant insertion for minimal scarring
  • Limit the risk of double capsules and late seromas

Breast Implants classification according to its surface

International Organization for Standardization (ISO-14607:2018)










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Warranty Programs






Motiva® prioritizes quality and safety and has maintained low complaint rates related to implant-related complications for over a decade.

As an added measure of confidence in the quality of our Ergonomix2® implants, the JOY® program includes the 10 Year Always Confident Warranty® and 5 Year Extended Warranty at no additional cost.

*Warranty programs are subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable warranty, which are available online, and may require timely registration for eligibility.








10Y Always Confident Warranty® against rupture for the lifetime of the device, and our Product Replacement Policy.

5Y Extended Warranty Program at no additional cost

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